Monday, November 16, 2015

Knight Watch Games Milestone!

Yesterday was a milestone for Knight Watch Games -- we received our first order from a customer. The order was placed via our ETSY shop for a substantial $185.  This is great news and bodes well. We had opened the shop only three days prior.  Time to get casting!

Brenda and I have our terrain-making workshop set up much like an assembly line. There is a station for mixing and pouring the plaster into the molds (a messy business), another for extracting the cured bricks and sorting them into bins, a station for building the various projects and finally a station for painting the pieces.  With this arrangement, there is always something "cooking".  Brenda tends to gravitate towards the sorting and painting portions of the process, while Paraic is the caster and builder.  Great harmony.

During our shopping sprees, we encountered numerous people who were interested in our shop and we realized we had no business cards to help set the hook.  We quickly drafted a design and got a batch printed from Staples. It feels good to have something to hand to interested parties that we meet during our outings.

On a related note, we are both very happy to be back in the States, and specifically back in our hometown of San Antonio.  The list of things we missed while stationed in Europe is a long one, with tacos, family and menus in English being at the top.  It's great to be back and its awesome to get such wonderful support from everyone regarding our Knight Watch Games efforts.  Adventures await!

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