Thursday, January 7, 2016

Leprechaun Hideout

In our family, we have a secret.  If you are lucky, and we like you a lot, we'll let you in on it. A Mulgrew secret.....   we have leprechauns in our house!  There are two: Fergus and Finnegan and they are never up to any good.  They are rarely seen and never caught.  But, we finally found their hideout -- complete with a pot of gold.

This project was aimed to provide our father with a keg to accompany his leprechaun figurines.  

We purchased an unpainted large keg from Terry Thomas of Tabletop Plus. His kit arrived unpainted and disassembled. It can be seen here: Tabletop Plus This gave us the opportunity to customize it and make it something dad was not expecting.

We furnished the inside of the barrel with a desk, chair, pitcher, mug of ale (Hirst Arts) and a key. A mirror, a tapestry and a working light adorn the walls. A rug (homemade) and a pot of gold rest on the floor.

Terry's product is designed to allow the top half of the barrel to be removed, as well as the front and back.  An ingenious hinge is incorporated to allow the front and back to swing open.

We wanted the barrel to be sealed closed, and to improve on the structural integrity, we glued the back lid in place. This also allowed us to permanently attached a working light to illuminate the inside of the leprechaun hideout.

 Here is the finished project as presented to dad:

Knight Watch Games is constantly looking for new projects to expand our crafting skills.  If there is something you would like built, please consider us.

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