Monday, March 14, 2016

The Dun Dagan project

Once again, our customers have inspired an epic project.  This time, a three-tier tower named Dun Dagan, in honor of its owner. Dun translates roughly to "Fort" in Gaelic.

This is the first time we've implemented the "Obsidian" color scheme. The tower certainly looks imposing, and if stereotypes hold any truth, there is an evil wizard residing within.

It was important to us to make the tower as useful as possible; each level being removable made the tower transportable.  Its owner can use the individual levels as dungeon rooms or combine them to form smaller versions of Dun Dagan.

Initially, the project seemed simple enough and both Brenda and I have experience building the towers that Bruce Hirst designs.  The new challenge was designing levels which would allow circular stairs to grant access to the next floor above. Because the floors change size, we had to take into account the smaller diameter and adjust the stairs accordingly.

With some Smurfy help, we got the whole thing figured out. We even produced a new mold specifically for the floor sections. This strengthened the structure and lessened the number of seems that might flex under the weight of all the die stone - a total of about 20 lbs. The walls are straight and the tower, perfectly round. That's a feat in itself.

The first three floors.

Floors 4-6 with removable stairs.

Floors 7-9 with removable stairwells.

The three tiers assembled as individual towers.

Elminster approves.

I think I see Rapunzel's hair to the left.

The doorway is a splash of color.

Let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you.


  1. Looks good *BUT* obsidian (as a building material) sucks - it's glass.
    Basalt would be a more suitable material (while keeping the black base color.)
    All you would have to do to change it would be to flick-spray white on the bricks with a toothbrush.
    An extra step, but more believable as a (non-magical) building.

    1. Great input. We like the idea of adding something to the glossy black and specks of white for basalt fits. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned "non-magical"...this is definitely a wizard's domain, so the customer is happy with a glass house. Now you have us thinking of casting clear resin pieces to see what kind of tower that would make...

  2. That thing is massive. Love it.


Let us know what you think.