Sunday, December 6, 2015

Faulty doppelgangers.

Brenda and I have been working hard to perfect the Knight Watch Game website and online store. While researching the current game terrain community, we discovered several websites that are paying us the highest compliments.

By compliments, I really mean they are taking our product designs and copying them.  Not only do they copy the design of the terrain, they practically cut/paste the items description from our online catalog.

We are honored to be copied, and admit we have done something similar in regards to Bruce Hirst's creations, and some other designers over the years.  However, a glaring difference gnaws at me... neither Bruce Hirst, nor the other designers, are trying to make a living from their original creations. They were either building the terrain to display the capabilities of their molds (Bruce), or they were making items to use around their personal gaming tables.

It is reassuring to us that when we see these copied items, we notice that the workmanship and attention to detail is sub-par.  Our Knight Watch Games products are high quality and meticulously painted.  Our competition has a way to go before offering terrain superior to ours.

We are currently perfecting the design of a modular kit that allows for buildings and rooms to change appearance easily. Coupled with our accessory kits, the customer has an infinite number of chambers and structures to use during gaming sessions.  Keep an eye on the store for pictures of the final product.

It's now the holiday season and we at Knight Watch Games wish you the best.

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