Friday, December 11, 2015

The "Blackstone Portal" project

Knight Watch Games recently received a custom order to build a portal that housed a demonic entity.

We enthusiastically agreed, thinking it a simple endeavor. $35 in the bank...or so we thought.

Paraic started thinking of how to have the normal portal transform to house the demonic attacking monster and his solution, while creative, took a lot more work that he thought....

The runes say "Blackstone Portal" in honor of the customer.

The placid inviting portal....a wary adventurer approaches...

The demon attacks !

I'm pretty sure this is a one-way door.

The two inserts are secured to the portal with magnets.  While the workmanship is amateurish, the final effect is not bad.  

We will be offering this same design in our Online shop...but I think the price will be a little higher than $35.  What would you pay?


  1. I am very interested in this. Is there a way to get one?


    1. Hello, Knight Watch Games is prepared to make a portal with your game in mind. We have an online store where a special order may be placed.


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